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Klaus_M 8 C11C14CDK multi combo May 20_18 best-830x586.jpg

This image of the beautiful Lagoon Nebula (M-8) is a composite of several exposures obtained over a number of years with a C-11 HD, C-14 HD and, most recently, my new 12.5-inch Plane Wave CDK. All frames were taken with a spectrally modified Canon 6D, in combination with an IDAS LPS-V4 filter. This represents a cumulative exposure of approximately 1 hour at ISO 1600-3200. Images were stacked and calibrated in Registar and then processed in Photoshop CS-6.

This giant star forming region, about 400 light years from us in Sagittarius, is faintly visible to the naked eye under dark skies, and a beautiful sight in binoculars or small telescopes.

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