First Dark Sky

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One cold January weekend we had a break in the stormy weather pattern that gave us a few clear nights - well clear enough to get a few hours of imaging in. Anyway this is the result of my second night out. The first night clouded up by the 9th or 10th subframe and the evening was lost.

My imaging rig at the moment is a Williams Optics GTF 81MM F5.9 on an Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ. I had acquired a used QHY8 OSC camera a few years ago but never really put it through the paces. It's really not the right camera for that scope, image scale wise, but these results are fine by me.

This image is from a stack of 70 120 second images using DeepSkyStacker "Unguided" 52 flat frames, 27 dark frames, and 27 bias frames were used to calibrate and correct optical and sensor defects.
Post Processing was done in PhotoShop CS6.

Russ Ruggles

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