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Astro-Physics 400 GTO German equatorial mount with dual axis quartz drive and GTO keypad controller. Complete with polar alignment scope, tripod, three 9 lb. stainless counter weights and complete instruction manual. Circa 2004 vintage, this rock solid mount is in excellent condition, very transportable and rated at 18 lb. instrument capacity. Asking $ 1,900 or best offer. For full details see:


NOTE: This mount belongs to well known astronomy author Terence Dickinson, who has left it with me on loan for several years but now wants to sell it. I am offering first within Arizona only, to facilitate transport and avoid shipping.

If you are interested then please contact us at info@coconinoastro.org and you will connected to Klaus who is the seller.


Vixen SXW Computerized, Equatorial Mount with Starbook for  $1000.

I purchased this mount, and a Vixen 8" Astrograph, from the estate of the past president of the Riverside Astronomical Society, the astronomical portion being sold by RAS at a past RTMC. The astrograph was sold some time ago but the mount has been my primary observatory mount for solar observing. It comes with the manual, deluxe tripod, Starbook controller and features which were standard equipment on the original unit. Weight capacity is stated to be 35 pounds.

This is a very sophisticated mount with an exquisite controller system, the Starbook. It has been very happy with a coaxially mounted Lunt 80mm double stacked solar scope and a Stellarvue 80mm triplet with a Thousand Oaks white light filter on it. I also run a Celestron 9.25" cassegrain on it for planetary.

This is a very good deal at $1000, exactly what I paid for it. If it makes it easier, I might be open to a small part trade.

. . . Fred        

If you are interested then please contact us at info@coconinoastro.org
and you will connected to Fred who is the seller.

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