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What's New in June, 2015

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Copernicus June 26, 2015
© 2015 Klaus Brasch

This (June 26, 2015) photo of the Copernicus region was taken two nights with my new ZWO ASI MC 1.2 Mg lunar and planetary camera. This camera has received excellent reviews in the astronomy magazines and I can see why. These AVI images were shot with my TMB-130 apo refractor and 2X Barlow for a total focal length around 2,000 mm. Moreover they were taken under rather poor seeing conditions and some high haze, but still when a limited number of the better images were stacked and processed in Regitax, the results exceeded my expectations. The splatter of small craters juts below Copernicus are less than a mile in diameter, close to the limit of what a 5-inch telescope can resolve. Can't wait for a night of really great seeing.

Scorpius at Sunset Crater
© 2015 Klaus Brasch

Scorpius at Sunset Crater - 50mm - June 17, 2015

Conjunction! - June 19.2015
© 2015 Klaus Brasch

June 8, 2015   -   The Jupiter, Venus and Moon trio put on quite a show last night as I am sure nay of you saw. Here is my best effort at imaging the even. The topmost star is Regulus - 50mm - June 19, 2015

The Scorpions Stinger
June 8, 2015
© 2015 Klaus Brasch

June 8, 2015   -   Last night before moonrise was one of the darkest and clearest out this way in a while and, better still, no wind and no lights along my southern horizon. I took advantage of that to shoot some objects very low in the south around the Scorpion's "stinger". Here is a mosaic of that taken with a 135mm f/2 telephoto lens at f/4 and my IDAS LPS V4 filter. This is a mosaic of several stacked exposures with the Canon 6D at ISO 3200. One of those truly rare nights.

The red nebulae: the Bug, Cat's Paw and IC- 4628, respectively.

M17, IC 4701 and M24

© 2015 Klaus Brasch

June 8, 2015   -   Here is a somewhat unusual image of the central Milky Way I took last week under very clear skies. It includes M17, IC 4701 and M24. This is a stack of 2 x 3 minute exposures with the TMB-92 apo and IDAS LPSv4 filter, all shot at ISO 3200 with the Canon 6D. Incredibly dense star fields, h-alpha emission objects and dark dust lanes all in a single field of view.

May 20, 2015
© 2015 Ernie Webb

June 8, 2015   -   Luna May 20, 2015 from Flagstaff, Arizona.

Shot this one with the Orion 120mm at prime focus, ISO 1250 and 1/200th sec.

May 9, 2015
© 2015 Rich Edmonds

May 9, 2015   -   Luna May 9, 2015 from Flagstaff, Arizona.

Alpine Valley.

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