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What's New in July, 2016

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2016 Annual Club Picnic

Picnic and Observing Time!

June 4, 2016

The CAS 2016 Annual Club Picnic was held at Dave and Kris Frisk’s home/observatory in Williams.

© 2016 Richard Edmonds



June 15, 2016

It is in Draco just above the bowl of the Big Dipper. I went out last night with mixed success to capture it. I could not see the Nova visually in my 10" SCT however three exposures taken at prime focus and ISO 1600 did.

Richard Edmonds        

© 2016 Klaus Brasch



June 15, 2016

For once I enjoyed rather good seeing this side of the Peaks and managed to catch several good webcam sequences of selected craters on the Moon. The attached is a mosaic of overlapping sequences around Copernicus taken with the C-14 HD at f/22 with a deep red filter but shooting monochrome with the ZWO ASI 120MC. Images were stacked in Auto Stakkert and processed in Registax6. Probably my best effort yet and shows again that lucky seeing is everything.

Klaus Brasch        

© 2016 Eric Marlatt

The Crescent Nebula

Hydrogen in a bubble of Oxygen - The Crescent Nebula

July, 2016

This image is another attempt at narrowband imaging with a hydrogen-alpha filter and oxygen-III filter. Narrowband filters out much of the light pollution and allows for imaging when the moon is up, the individual frames to complete this image were taken with the moon 75% to 100% throughout the last month. This was shot through an Astro-Tech 8" RC with a QSI683 camera with Astrodon 5nm filters, pre and post processing done solely in Pixinsight.

Contributed by . . . Eric Marlatt        

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