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What's New in September, 2016

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The Trifid Nebula
© 2016 Joe McMenamin

September, 2016

The Trifid Nebula
© 2016 joseph McMenamin

September, 2016

I have attached a couple of photos - One the Lagoon and the other of the Trifid. Both were taken with a Celestron Edge HD 11 on CGEM DX mount with a Canon 600D. The Lagoon is a stack of 18 frames of 1 min exposures at ISO 3200. The Trifid is a stack of 9 frames of 2 min exposures at ISO 3200.

Contributed by . . . joseph McMenamin        

The Eagle Nebula
© 2016 Eric Marlatt

August, 2016

From the first moment I saw a picture of The Eagle Nebula taken through the Hubble telescope it has been one of my favorite objects, I was (and still am) completely awestruck by the huge columns of interstellar dust giving birth to new stars. It's been a tremendous amount of fun taking these pictures, I hope you enjoy this one.

Contributed by . . . Eric Marlatt        

The Andromeda Galaxy
© 2016 Klaus Brasch

September, 2016

It pays to keep some older images at times. Here is a multi stack of M-31 combining a total of 12 x 3-5 minute exposures taken with two Astro-Physics refractors, Bill Burke's 150 f/8 and my AP155 f/7, shooting at f/5.3 with the Hutech modified Canon 6D and IDAS LPS-V4 filter, at ISO-3200-6400. Cumulative exposure was 40 minutes. The images were stacked in Registax and processed in PS CS-6.
Contributed by . . . Klaus Brasch        

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