Meade 10" LX200/GPS, f/6.3 at prime focus guided by Orion StarShoot autoguider. 18 frames captured by Canon 60Da and Hutech Modified Rebel T5i some with an LPS -V4 filter. Stacked in Registax, processed in PhotoShop CS3 with some fine processing assistance from Klaus Brasch.

IC405: Flaming Star nebula.

M8 Triffid Nebula: 20 Oct 2013.

IC434 Horsehead. Mosaic of of 20 frames. Staked in Registar processed in Photoshop 6.1.

M33: Pinwheel galaxy.

M31 Andromeda. 10" Meade, f/6.3 prime focus. Mosaic of 31 frames.

NGC253 Sculptor Galaxy. Sep 2013.

M45: Pleiades. Mosaic of 18 frames stacked in Registar and processed in Photoshop 6.1. Oct 2013.

NGC 7635: Bubble Nebula. Stakc of eight frames. Oct 2013.