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2017 Solar Eclipse Photos

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Photo of the Month for September, 2018
Comet 21P/Gliacobini-Zinner traversing M35 2018 Richard Edmonds

The above photo was taken on September 15th at 3:08 AM. The comet was reported to be traversing M35 on that date so I took a chance, slewed my telescope to M35, and shot in the blind. I never saw the comet visually or through the telescope. This one had been a real challenge to capture.

Activities for September, 2018

Monthly Meeting at Lowell Observatory

Saturday, October 20, 2018
Tom Polakis, Con. Ed. Astronomy Mag.

Title: “CCD Photometry from Inside the Light Dome”

Tom Polakis has pursued photometry with his CCD imaging equipment in Tempe for several years. He has determined rotation periods of asteroids, measured the brightness and colors of eclipsing binary and pulsating variable stars, and measured light curves of exoplanets and an active quasar. Mr. Polakis will describe the fundamentals of photometry, his equipment, data acquisition, and data reduction, and will show examples illustrating how measuring variations in star light gives us our understanding of the stars.

CAS Monthly Meetings and Astronomical Programs are held the Saturday closest to the Full Moon at the Mars Hill Campus of Lowell Observatory, Hendricks Center for Planetary Studies Auditorium (6:45 pm - 8:00 pm., unless otherwise noted) followed by refreshments, and informal discussion. Meetings are open and free to the public.

For a full list of this years activities see: CAS 2018 Calendar

What's New

Milky Way Astrophotography

The Coconino Astronomical Society is proud to host a workshop focusing on photographing the Milky Way.

We'll meet on Saturday, September 29th, at the Eastside Flagstaff Library at 10 am. We'll have a general introduction and Q&A. We'll adjourn at noon, then meet at a site in Winona to take our Milky Way shots in the evening (Weather permitting.)

On the following weekend, October 6th, we will meet again to process our images for maximum sharpness, contrast and color. The goal of the workshop will be to produce an image appropriate for a 8 x 10 print.

Participants will be required to bring a recent DSLR kitted with a wide-angle lens, a sturdy tripod, and supporting accessories (including an intervalometer). Liability waivers will be issued and must be signed before the field session.

If you would like to attend or have questions, please email us at:

The Annual Flagstaff Star Party at Buffalo Park October 4-6

Telescopes provided by CAS members and other orginizations are going to be avaliable for viewing. Telescopes provided by CAS members and other organizations are going to be available for viewing. See the following link for further information.

Flagstaff Star Party

CAS members wishing to participate plese use this link,

2018 AAVSO Annual Meeting, Flagstaff AZ  - November 16-17, 2018

Information is available at the following website: 2018 Grand 2018 AAVSO Meeting in Flagstaff

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