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Photo of the Month for July, 2019
Rho Ophiuchi
June 7,2019
@ 2019 Anthony Quintile

My goal with this photo was to capture Jupiter while it was near the Rho Ophiuchi Nebula and neighbors. I was excited to also capture Callisto at 2:00 next to Jupiter, I think M4 is pretty good, considering the focal length, and, given the short exposure, I was glad to get some of the Blue Horsehead. I was also glad that M80 turned out to be a star cluster and not something I screwed up in processing.

This was my first real effort with a guided SLR lens shot, (as opposed to a telescope). I was hopeful that the “vintage” Pentax lens I bought for $30 would deliver, and I really feel it did! This image is uncropped, and although it has some distortion in the corners, I think it is pretty acceptable.

This image was shot at Doney Mountain Picnic Area near Wupatki National Monument. The bottom right corner was showing light pollution from Flagstaff. It took a lot of work in processing to get that part of the sky relatively neutral, but I learned a few new tricks. It’s still not perfect. I did learn that widefield AP is far more susceptible to light pollution gradients, which is obvious I guess, but I hadn’t dealt with this yet.

Anthony Quintile

Club member Andy Odell passed away on May 10th

Andy Odell passed away suddenly on May 10th of a massive heart attack. He was scheduled to speak at our Sep. 14th meeting. Instead there will be a Celebration of Life for him at Lowell Observatory this coming Sat, June 29 starting at 11 AM in the Hendricks Center for Planetary Studies. A light lunch will served, after which I will give a brief PP review of Andy's life, achievements, friends, research and other interests. Then anyone wishing to will be invited to share anecdotes and experiences about Andy.

Activities for July 2019

Sunset Crater Star Party August 27th

Hi Folks,

I wanted to invite your group to our next Star Party on July 27th. We have coordinated a presentation by JD Maddy with the Verde Valley Astronomers and they usually have a few people bring scopes from their group. You are all welcome to come and set up scopes too if you want. The more the merrier I say. There's no formal commitment though so whoever show up is great. Here is the night's schedule:

2:00 - 4:00 PM (MST) - Solar Scope and kids activities in front of the Sunset Crater Visitor Center - Get your Jr. Astronomer's booklet!

8:00 - 8:30 PM(MST) - At the Lava Flow Trail - A presentation about our universe.
8:30 - 9:30 - telescope viewing of stars and planets through multiple sized telescopes.

Lauren Carter, Park Ranger

Activities for August 2019

Monthly Meeting for August

Saturday, August 17, 2019
Dr. Phil Massey, Lowell Observatory

Title: “Massey on Stellar Masses”

Dr. Massey’s research interests include the study of massive stars, binary stars, young clusters, and the initial mass function. He primarily uses the nearby galaxies of the Local Group to study how the evolution of the most luminous and massive stars is affected by environmental factors, such as metalicity. Paradoxically, Massey hates travel, but loves observing from remote mountain tops, particularly Las Campanas Observatory, from which he studies stars in the Magellanic Clouds.

CAS Monthly Meetings and Astronomical Programs are held the Saturday closest to the Full Moon at the Mars Hill Campus of Lowell Observatory, Hendricks Center for Planetary Studies Auditorium (6:45 pm - 8:00 pm., unless otherwise noted) followed by refreshments, and informal discussion. Meetings are open and free to the public.

Upcoming Events for the Year

What's New

Asteroid (25226)Brasch is named after our member Klaus Brasch

"I was totally flabbergasted and delighted today, at a special luncheon that an asteroid (25226) Brasch was named for me by Lowell Observatory to commemorate my 10 years there as a volunteer in the public program, and for writing numerous magazines articles about astronomy and the Observatory's contributions therein. Several of the other long standing volunteers were similarly honored."

Klaus Brasch

Announcement: The 2019 Club Calendar is Available

The 2019 club calendar with images submitted by our club members based on a lunar theme is available for order.

2019 Calendar Thumbnail Image

It can be ordered on the Join Us web page

Use the CAS club email to request an alternate payment method

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