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This page showcases achievements, awards, and publications from our members

Asteroid 25161 Strosahl (1998 SR58) was named after Susan Strosahl.

Asteroid 3489 was named after Ken Herkenhoff's wife Lotte.

I named asteroid 3489 after my wife (and CAS member) Lottie. I was working with the Shoemakers at Palomar in the mid-80s as part of a class Gene taught at Caltech back then. We used hypered film disks on the 18” Schmidt camera and stereoscopic viewing to find it.

Ken Herkenhoff

Asteroid 8407 Houlahan is named after our member Padraig Houlahan.

(25250) Jonnapeterson = 1993 UX23 was named after Jonna Peterson

Discovered 1998 Oct. 17 by the Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search at the Anderson Mesa Station.

Joanna has an asteroid named after her as a volunteer docent in Lowell's public program,

Jonna has been familiar with the night sky since childhood, and a dedicated volunteer in Lowell Observatory's evening outreach programs since 2012. She enjoys using binoculars to teach visitors about the night sky.

Asteroid (25226)Brasch is named after our member Klaus Brasch

"I was totally flabbergasted and delighted today, at a special luncheon that an asteroid (25226) Brasch was named for me by Lowell Observatory to commemorate my 10 years there as a volunteer in the public program, and for writing numerous magazines articles about astronomy and the Observatory's contributions therein. Several of the other long standing volunteers were similarly honored."

Klaus Brasch

Recent publications by Klaus:

  1. Life in the Cosmos: when, where and how? J. of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, February 2018, pp 9-15
  2. The Photographic Legacy of Lowell’s Great Refractor, Astronomy, March 2018, pp. 60-63.
  3. Canal Mania, Sky & Telescope, July 2018, pp. 28-33.

Glenda and Jene Hill have asteroids maned after them

These were awarded at the same Lowell Observatory volunteer luncheon as Klaus's award.

Member Wayne Johnson has discovered six supernovae !!!

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