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Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

The photographs below were taken by some of our club members of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in December 2021.

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Four images stacked in Photoshop to separately capture with best exposure while erasing out over and underexposed areas

Captured on 21 December 2020 ~ 6:30 PM

Meade 10" f/6.3 SCT at prime focus with a 2X Barlow. Canon Rebel T5I camera

  • Jupiter at ISO 3200 1/250 seconds
  • Saturn at ISO 3200 1/50 seconds
  • Moons of Jupiter at ISO 6400 1/3 seconds
  • Moons of Saturn at ISO 12800 1.3 seconds

Seeing was turbulent due to low elevation over Mt Elden, the city of Flagstaff and fireplace smoke. I was unsuccessful at capturing useful images of the planets using my Canon 60Da in its Movie Crop Mode for stacking. I was therefore forced to shoot at high ISOs for maximum shutter speeds to 'freeze' the images as much as possible. In total I shot 38 frames to get these four.

Richard Edmonds

Taken from Beaver Creek. Used a TMB 92mm refractor

Padraig Houlahan

AP155 at f/7 with ZWO ASI120 webcam around 6:30pm, 1500 frames, best 10% combined in AstroStakkert, processed in Registax and PS CS6. Saturn's brightness was enhanced relative to Jupiter. Seeing was pretty bad that low, so I am happy with the results.

Klaus Brasch

This is a stack of stacks with various exposures combined in Photoshop. Exposures varied from 1 sec to 1/1000 sec.

Joseph McMenamin

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