CAS - Luna Composite Image, September 25, 2016


First Dark Sky

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Luna Composite Image

I was crazy enough to get up early on the 25th for a quick look at the 24 day old moon. Transparency was good but seeing not so good. I shot five HD movie clips (1920 x 1088 pixels) and stacked the 50 best frames from each clip in Registax. The five stacked frames were then combined and slightly enhanced in Photoshop to create the composite image. Sometimes it is worth going for an image just to practice and maintain proficiency with the scope, camera and software tools.

I have captured better resolution before with good seeing but the moon is always pretty, even at lower resolutions.

I used prime focus on a f/6.3 10" Meade LX200/GPS with a Canon 60 Da in the HD movie mode.

Richard Edmonds

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